group experiences & private lessons

Group Craft Experiences

Have a group bonding experience over potter’s wheels. Celebrate a “big” anniversary by making fused glass. Plan an experience for your school class or youth organization to experience the art and science of craft.

The Crafts Center welcomes groups who want a communal experience in ceramics, metals or glass, and other craft media. Group studio experiences are priced depending on the size of the group, the cost of materials, and the duration of the studio (1½ hours minimum, one day, multiple days, etc.). Past studio experiences for groups have included “Learning to Throw on the Potter’s Wheel,” “Fused Glass Ornaments,” “Fold-Forming Metal,” “Garden Ornaments in the Clay Studio,” “Bookmaking,” and more. Contact for more information.


Please note for group experiences, we require approximately 4-6 weeks advance notice of your desired booking date.  Scheduling options will vary based on material requirements, pre-scheduled programs, rentals, and lessons in the studios, as well as instructor availability.

Sample Group Experiences (with approximate pricing & capacity limits):

Minimum and maximum participant counts are subject to change and are also currently limited due to current COVID-19 restrictions.  Listed capacity above may not be reflective of current limits.

02_WCC Studio Shoot 2019.jpg
Fancy Bezel Rings November 2017 Session


Learn to Use the Potter's Wheel, 3 hours, $75 per person, Minimum of 6 participants, Maximum of 10.

(COVID maximum capacity reduced to 8 participants).

Use the potter's wheel to throw pots, and bowls, and have fun while learning. You will be taught the basics of throwing, practice on the wheel under the instructor's guidance, and decorate and fire your successful "first works".

All Ceramics Studio Group Experiences require a minimum of four weeks of pre-planning time.


Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings, 3.5 hours, $95 per person, Minimum of 6 participants

Design your own sterling silver earrings! You'll learn to use a variety of jewelry making techniques to create your very own pair of free-flowing sterling silver dangle earrings! Finish up by adding an antiqued patina and fabricating your own ear wire! 


Stackable Rings, 3 hours, $95 per person, Minimum of 6 participants

Spend an evening with family and friends learning the basics of sizing, measuring, cutting, soldering and forming sterling silver to create your own set of three stackable rings! 


Stamped Copper Dangle Earrings, 3 hours, $75 per person, Minimum of 6 participants

Earrings are one of the most popular forms of jewelry. Learn how to create a pair of stamped copper "dangle" earrings with sterling silver ear wires from start to finish using traditional metalsmithing techniques!


Private Hot Shop in Glassblowing at New Street Glass Studio, 3 hours, $90 per person, Minimum of 3 participants, Maximum of 9. (COVID maximum capacity reduced to 6 participants.)

Get a taste of the ancient art of glassblowing in this fun three-hour workshop. In one evening, you will learn about the history and process behind creating beautiful blown glass at the New Street Glass Studio. After learning the safety and studio etiquette rules, students will watch a brief demonstration of this 2000-year-old art before diving in and making their very own Floppy Bowl, Small Vase, Apothecary Jar, Colorful Cup, or Jellyfish Paperweight from glass gathered out of a 2100-degree furnace. Students will choose their own colors and instructors will guide the class through the steps from gathering to applying colors, from blowing a bubble to shaping their own chosen piece. Educators will then demonstrate the process of making a matching glass lid. No experience is necessary and all materials are included.

Private Lessons

Occasionally, based on availability of instructors and of studio space, the Worcester Center for Crafts is able to schedule students for private lessons. The cost of a private lesson is calculated on the cost of running the equipment of a specific studio for a minimum of 2-3 hours, plus the cost of the instructor and any needed materials.  Private lessons are developed with an emphasis on recurring lessons intended to assist a student who is not able to attend regularly scheduled course programming with developing foundational craft skills over an extended period of time or across several lessons.


Contact the department head in the area in which you would like private lesson(s) for more information.

Ceramics: Tom O'Malley,

Glass: Gale Scott,

Metals: Elaine McKenna-Yeaw,