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We know it takes time, patience and work to develop craft skills. Open Studio is an option designed to help students who are enrolled in our multi-week classes practice their skills and develop their work. Think of Open Studio as self-directed homework time during extra available studio hours.  


To register and to pay for Open Studio, you may do so online, or by contacting the Registration Office in person or by calling 508-753-8183, x 301.

Open Studio Policies

Open Studio enrollment eligibility is limited to students who are enrolled in an eligible 6-week adult class within the current session.


Open Studio sessions expire with each course session.  Non-matriculating students may use the first week of the following session to complete their prior session's glaze work during Open Studio.

Students must be 18 years or older to enroll.

Once a student enrolls in Open Studio, they may use any or all of the posted Open Studio hours in the appropriate studio, for self-directed practice time. Students may initiate or complete work within the scope of the class in which they are currently registered. Hours are self-tracked by signing in and out of each period you attend. Students may use as few or many hours, during scheduled times, for the duration of the session.  No credit will be issued for hours not used, and there is no makeup or substitution for missed Open Studio.

To view available hours, view the Google Calendars below, or click Ceramics and Metals and click the "week" tab to find the listed OS hours. The calendars are updated regularly. Please check the specific date and time before coming in.  
Make sure you click on the period to read any notes related to that period. An example of a real-time update would be a monitor cancelling due to illness: this cancels Open Studio. All Weather Cancellations include Open Studio, even if the calendar has not been updated.

Fall 2020 Update:
Due to COVID-19 protocols surrounding the need for physical distancing and contact tracing, Open Studio is currently unavailable.  Should this change, OS hours will be available to book through our Registration Page by clicking the above "Register for Open Studio" button. 
Meanwhile, the Metals Studio is currently offering Metals Studio Access Time-Slots which are available for pre-booking.  For more details, click here to locate Metals Studio Access options.  Pre-registration is a must!
Metals Studio Access: $30.00 /3-hour session

Here's your chance to access the Metals Studio!

If you participated in a Metals class or workshop in 2019/2020 you can “buy time” in the Metals Studio. You do not have to be registered in a 6-week class to register for a 3-hour slot, but it is expected that you will work within your skill set. A minimum of Jewelry/Metals 1 or Dept permission required.

A studio monitor is available but no instruction or consultation is provided. Participants are responsible for proper tool use, care and clean-up. Participants must have experience using the studios specialized equipment, some of which includes; air/acetylene torches, rolling mill, hydraulic press, electro-etching system, polishing/finishing equipment, etc.

We reserve the right to restrict the use of equipment if it is used improperly and no refund will be issued. We reserve the right to limit consumable consumption.

There is a minimum of 3 prepaid hours.

- No materials or supplies are provided, but basic supplies such as solder, saw blades, etc. may be available for purchase.
- There is no access to other Studios during this time*
- Participants should complete clean-up within the 3 hour block.
- No refund or credit is given for time not used.

*Metals Studio time does not include use of the enameling studio, gas forge, oxy/acetylene casting torch, casting equipment and/or lapidary equipment.
Metals Open Studio calendar

*Metals Studio must have an assigned safety monitor during all Open Studio periods or they will be cancelled.

Metals OS does not include use of enameling studio, gas forge, casting equipment and/or lapidary equipment. Students must be signed off on specialized equipment prior to use.​

GLASS Open Studio

Glass Open Studio hours are generally Tuesday through Thursday, 5:30 pm-9:30 pm and 2:00 pm-6:00 pm on Saturdays.

Glass Open Studio is free to students enrolled in a 6 week class for the use of the cold shop or sandblaster.  Walk in rental of the flame-shop torches is also allowed during open studio.  All hot shop and kiln rentals, or studio use during non open studio hours are by appointment.  

All Open Studio access at New Street Glass Studio is contingent upon the student having received the adequate training for proper equipment usage and care.  Please contact Department Head, Gale Scott, for approval at gscott@worcester.edu or by calling 508-757-1424.

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