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The Worcester Center for Crafts offers interested students the opportunity to gain valuable experience by serving as interns in different departments and on different assignments in arts administration and business practice.

Our intern supervisors will work closely with you to provide a positive and educational experience. You should expect that each position will include different projects and also require assistance with daily organizational and preparatory tasks. Successful interns are self-motivated and can work in structured and unstructured environments.

Internships generally require a semester-long commitment during the academic year. Interns should expect to work a minimum of 10 hours per week. Please note that all intern positions are unpaid.


Internships, Summer Interships

Any student living in the area may apply. Placements are determined according to applicant’s work experience, academic background, personal and professional interests, and future career goals. Priority may be given to graduate students and undergraduate upper class persons who have an academic focus and/or experience that corresponds with available positions. Internship positions require a minimum GPA of 2.75.

Internship Examples:

Position descriptions generally are created to match the interns interests/skills AND the Craft Center’s specific needs. Available intern positions are subject to departmental need and, thus, may not be available every semester.

The following are examples of internships--we are limited to only 2-4 interns in any given semester/session:

  • Listmeister: A List-management intern will assist staff in the management of databases, lists and other compilations of information. Good inputting skills a must as well as attention to detail. 10 hours week.

  • Gallery and Studio: Assist in different aspects of running the Krikorian Gallery and the Ceramics, Multimedia and Metals studios. 10 hours week.

  • Communications: Needed is an intern grounded in communications and marketing who can help create a marketing/communications plan for us. How do we promote? Who do we promote to? What are the best vehicles for us to use? What deadlines make it possible to achieve goals set in communications and marketing. This is a very hands-on internship with a lot of variety. 10-20 hours week.

  • Administrative Intern: Assist with student registration, answering phones, managing lists. Good attention to detail a must and good verbal skills. 10 hours week.

  • Summer Festival: Create displays for use at summer festivals; includes representing Craft Center at summer festivals when possible. flexible schedule and hours

  • GAP: An internship can be constructed that might include a little bit of all the areas above—named GAP, because this intern fills in whatever gap there is this week in fulfilling our priorities. Might be research, might be acting as a receptionist, might be data inputting, might be graphics. 10-20 hours week.

Application Requirements & Deadlines:

To apply for an internship, please send your resume and cover letter along with the email address or phone number of an academic reference to:

Elaine McKenna-Yeaw, Executive Director
Worcester Center for Crafts

Deadlines (but feel free to apply before the deadlines) for semester-long internships*:

Fall: NO LATER THAN beginning of August
Winter/Spring: NO LATER THAN beginning of December
Summer: NO LATER THAN beginning of June

*These internships may be renewed for longer subject to review.

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