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The Worcester Center for Craft in a partnership with Worcester State University is now offering Graduate Credit as well as professional development points for all Worcester Center for Crafts Studio classes. These classes meet the requirements for content based courses for re-licensure.

How does the Graduate Credit program work?

If you’re interested in Ceramics or Photography, contact Tom O’Malley. He has a Masters of Fine Arts degrees and extensive experience teaching. Tom is an adjunct professor in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Worcester State University. As such, he can serve as Worcester State University Professor and advisor as you take courses and/or complete a certificate program.

A minimum of two weeks BEFORE registering, you should consult with Tom to develop goals, learning activities, and criteria for grading which will lead to choosing the correct Craft Center courses.

In general, two six week Craft Center courses are necessary to earn 3 graduate credits. Formal critiques will be scheduled at mid- term and at the end of the semester. Your study will include additional studio time and a research project planned in consultation with your advisor.

To inquire about fees, contact Ceramics Department Head, Tom O’Malley at

Professional Development Points

If you're interested in filing for professional development points with the state of Massachusetts, please review your requirements stipulated by the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary (ESE) or your school district.  Many of the Craft Center's classes are eligible as professional development activities, and the Registration Office is happy to provide you with a record of enrollment and course completion certificate once confirmation is received from your instructor of your full course completion. 


To initiate the PDP process, please inform the Registration Office via email at at the start of the session to indicate that you will require PDP documentation at the end of term.  Then, at the end of your last class, please email the office once more to request your records, which will then be emailed or mailed to the student address on file.

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