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We don't believe in waste!  This page is dedicated to finding a new home for craft studio equipment and materials available for sale by students, staff, and faculty of the Worcester Center for Crafts. 


All sales must be conducted with the contact person listed for each posting.  Please do not contact the Worcester Center for Crafts directly unless indicated in the posting.

WCC Craft Classifieds - Manual L&L Kiln Model J245


Manual L&L Kiln Model J245

Condition: Like New (a few years old but barely used).  Click here for more photos. 


240 Volt

73.3 Amps (full size, will be lower amps if fewer sections used)

1 Phase

Rated for cone 10

Current Model can be found here.

New kiln is over $4,000.

Cash and carry, sold as is.

Contact: Tom O'Malley

Sale Price:


Item #2 - JDS Air-Tech 10-16 Air Filtration System.JPG


JDS Air-Tech 10-16 Air Filtration System

Condition: Used but in near new condition

Over $700 when new.

Quantity of 2 available.

Cash and carry, sold as is.

Contact: Tom O'Malley

Sale Price:

$200 each

Item 3 - Laguna Spray Booth and Fantech Exhaust Fan.jpg


Laguna Pro-X Glaze Spray Booth & Fantech Exhaust Fan

3A: Laguna Pro-X Spray Booth -$350

Current retail price is $1,046.

3B: Fantech Exhaust Fan - $150

Current retail price is $488.

Two free spray guns and compressor included with purchase of both booth and fan!

Contact: Carol Tripp Martens


Sale Prices:


If you are a student, faculty or staff member, or a local business with existing ties to the Worcester Center for Crafts, you are welcome to submit a request to advertise on this Craft Classifieds page.  All advertisement requests must be submitted for approval via the form accessible here.  Incomplete form submissions cannot be considered.

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