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ceramics studio timeshare rentals

Ceramic Studio Time Share, Ceramics Studio Rental

What is the Timeshare Studio? It is a 320 square foot, well-lit, climate controlled work space for Associated Artists who welcome a community and need a place to work independently on their ceramic art. The space is equipped with potter's wheels, work tables, lockers, ware racks, slop sink and is shared by no more than six people at any one time.

The timeshares are in four hour increments each day and are: 9am to 1pm, 1 to 5pm and 5 to 9pm. Once accepted, you will have access to your share seven days a week! A maximum of six people per time share. So if you rent the morning share you can come in any morning during these times, a different group comes in the afternoon, and one more in the evening. Each Associate Artist is committed to their time slot.

Outside of your share you may access our well equipment main studio during scheduled Open Studio times and have the support of our skilled staff firing regular cone ten reduction and cone six oxidation kilns to complete your work. The main studio features additional potter's wheels, spray booth, slab roller, extruders, hand-building and glaze areas.

Who is an Associate Artist? They are committed students of clay-working capable of working independently, who desire a supportive community, a shared studio, and are willing to support the mission of the Worcester Center for Crafts. Studio access is not to be used in support of commercial pursuits. The cost per timeshare is $135 per month and includes access to regularly scheduled Open Studio of the main studio area. Tools, materials and firing are extra. Rental is on a month to month basis and we ask that you set-up automatic payment with our Comptroller's office, with payment via credit or debit card.

Seven day a week access is complemented by ample free parking, a climate controlled work space, access to an outdoor courtyard, and a supportive ceramics community.

Please let us know if you have any questions at:

Ceramics Studio Timeshare Rentals Agreement

Ceramics Studio Timeshare Rentals Application  

Ceramics Studio Time Share, Ceramics Studio Rental
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